A / S = being a lab

Bologna, 2013

ECOSYSTEM: Ateliersi

CONTRIBUTION: foundation, visual identity, web design, spaces reinvigoration

FUNDED BY: MiBACT – Ministry of Art Culture and Tourism, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Bologna City Council

Ateliersi (in italian, a pun of “make yourself an art laboratory”) is an art project that conceives and produces theatre plays, performances and workshops. It co-produces exhibitions, performative arts and hosts art residences and public meetings at Sì, as the company named the space granted by the Bologna City Council. In the caffetteria also take place music listenings, dinner and small events. Within the group I develop mainly visual identity and webdesign but, above all, I benefit from a familiar atmosphere and a priviledged point of observation and intervention on the dynamics involving art, culture, politics and different kind of languages, while participating in the space reinvigoration.
In 2016 Ateliersi became member of Trans Europe Halles.