with Pennelli Ribelli

Since 2018, Pennelli Ribelli promotes a Street Art Festival designed and built in Marzabotto, dedicated to its history and its current symbolic value.

Marzabotto represents a symbolic place of the Resistance, remembered for a series of massacres carried out by the Nazi-fascists between 1943 and 1944.
The intention of Pennelli Ribelli is to recover its symbolic value to make it a theater of interventions in which, within a week, significant names of Italian street art involve the whole country and its villages using the vast industrial heritage crumbling in the area.
The aim of the exhibition is in fact to combine the redevelopment of some buildings that are protagonists of the industrial history of the valley and to introduce a contemporary language dedicated to the memory and symbolism of Marzabotto and its hamlets.

The aim of the large works planned is to create strong signs, visible from a distance, thus characterizing the context and its history. Marzabotto, whose name is strongly evocative, is the scene of a symbolic language and, choosing the art indicates, relaunches, proposes new readings of the urban landscape, marked by the passage of an industrial era now over.

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