We keep writing stories with our bodies, with people, with new devices, reinventing existing material.
Why is it that regardless of the field and trends, sometimes ideas and concepts struggle to materialise, to fulfil imagination and expectations, to achieve goals?
My way to answer the question is to immerse myself and investigate the context, integrate planning, service design and creative direction, realizing projects for web, print and spaces that work organically, with inventiveness, essentiality and coherence.

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on going projects

Launching radiocommons.org, a podcast aggregator for an international artistic collective.

Opening MAR – Modena Accommodation in Residence / mar-accommodation.com
Interior design, visual identity and web design by OpenQuadra.

service design

In dialogue with different areas of thinking and action – from art and culture, hybrid planning to design and business – I work to make creative processes visible and turn them into a strategy.

partners and collaborations

OpenQuadra studio
Decolonizing Architecture Art Research
Jam e la Tempesta