Organic and integrated projects with communication

Inhabiting the growing complexity requires specific skills but, no less, figures capable of translating and orchestrating the different languages present on the design site. I have thus chosen not to confine myself within design specializations, but to deepen and practice a wide range of design techniques and artistic languages integrating knowledge organically and evolutionarily. Looking at it through my twenty years of experience, I find it to be a process similar to dance: an accessible and open method to accompany projects as they grow together with people.


To identify the most suitable strategies for the development of a project, I believe it is essential to make the resources and critical aspects of the context in which it generates visible. Over the years, I have verified the centrality of the practices, languages, forms, and rituals with which a group expresses its culture. My investigation develops by combining agile and shareable instantaneous representations, collectively experimenting with new ideas (and the new forms that derive from them), drawing diagrams, and conceiving publications: a synthesis that exposes the values and perspectives of the group I am working within.


As the vision translates into an organization, the thinking prepares to conceive more clearly the necessary actions and the devices to be put in play. I move so that the collaborative process incorporates skills, talents, and abilities in a reasoned way: the group becomes a place hosting multiple and surprising perspectives. As a coordinator, I involve the different points of view within a "dance" directed to keep programming and improvisation in balance.


Through design, ideas transform into visible forms and tangible objects. My experience has focused over the years on identifying the design path to create graphics, spaces, and actions, starting from the prototype to the realization. Narrowing the field of innumerable possibilities, the only constant I have observed in this path is the principle of quality: the best technical and formal expression is the one that reflects the thought that originated it, the process that cultivated it, and the context in which it materializes.


When particular resources are required to engineer, produce, display or scale a result, I bridge with experts who, on a case-by-case basis, meet the requirements, with particular attention to the associated qualities that they could bring to the process. Collaborating transversally with artistic, cultural, and commercial production, with the artisan and industrial dimensions, I mainly play the role of translator, mediator, and facilitator. I know that it is more fun and powerful to outline experimental and visionary perspectives with partners who share the path: this is what I love to do, and that orients me in the choice of collaborations.