MAKE, a start up

Bologna, Treviso, Milano, 2015-2017

CONTRIBUTION: foundation, brand identity, research on housing models, primary urban compositions, infographics and exhibit design
INITIATED BY: Roberto Di Rocco (OpenQuadra)
BRAND SUPERVISION: Stefania Mantovani (artway of thinking)
RENDERING: Sara Bello (GlobArch)

MAKE+ was a startup, in which I was a partner, founded with the aim of designing, developing and introducing in the market an innovative building system. The project was officially presented at Elica Showroom (Milan) through artway of thinking invitation at breath difference, a series of meetings and workshops during EXPO2015. The event was organized in collaboration with Fondazione Ermanno Casoli and Michelangelo Pistoletto/Love Difference.


invented with:

  • OpenQuadra
  • GlobArch
  • artway of thinking
  • Keeboo Management